Faye to lead in new short film “I’m Not Here”

Faye is set to play the lead role of Desi in “I’m Not Here, Or: The Dubious Physics Of Holding Hands When You Don’t Exist”. The film is written and directed by Matthew McGee and stars Ben Hopkins opposite. It is being produced by Shibby Revolution.

Faye set to direct short film “Consent”

Faye has signed on to direct the short film “Consent” penned by Matthew McGee and produced by Shibby Revolution.

Faye books recurring role in Casual on Hulu

Faye will be playing the role of “Laila” in season 3 of the hit show.

Faye shoots lead role in “HARD”

  Faye shoots lead in the short film “HARD” opposite Benjamin Hopkins (Aquarius, Chicago P.D.) with the newest project from director Matthew McGee.

Faye will be playing Tia in new series “How To With Tia And Mia”

Faye will be playing the title role of “Tia” in the new comedy series “How To With Tia And Mia” with actress Aviva Brandes playing the opposite title role of  “Mia”.

The series has a fifteen episode order along with extras.


Faye Signed on to direct “Current Situation” from writer Liz Tsubota

 Faye Viviana will be directing the film “Current Situation” from writer Liz Tsubota. A film that follows a lesbian couple struggling to have a baby together. It will be in festivals in the 2017-2018 season.

Faye Books role on FOX show “Rosewood”

Faye Viviana books role

on FOX’s Miami detective

show “Rosewood”  

New Headshots with Jonny Marlow

Faye books role on LOVE for Netflix

 Faye Viviana books role of “Patricia” on Season Two of the Judd Apatow Netflix show “LOVE”.

Faye books lead role in music video for “Feel It”

FAYE_167_retouched_02_web Faye Viviana is very excited to be dancing for the Irish singer/songwriter Yelpy’s new music video for his new single “Feel It” to be released soon!!!